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Aug. 12th, 2005 01:57 am
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  1. Tom/reallynicethings
  2. Tom/Dumbledore (oh, shut up. wrinkled old man testicles can be cute; they'll just look like naked, sagging wriggly mice or something)
  3. Percy/Tom
  4. Ginny/Percy
  5. Percy/Ginny
  6. James/Sirius
  7. Lucius/James
  8. Remius/Sirius (not in a very fandom sense, though, because most of the fics that I read don't agree with the way it is in my head and therefore are WRONG)
  9. Remus/Tonks
  10. Remus/Fenrir


  1. Sasuke/Naruto
  2. Sasuke/Itachi
  3. Kakashi/Sasuke
  4. Kakashi/Kabuto (oh, it shames and burns, it burns)
  5. Gaara Gaara Gaara does he count as being a pairing in and of himself because he's a symbiotic entity?
  6. Hyuugacest, biiiitches

  1. X-Files: Mulder/Krycek
  2. X-Files: Mulder/Scully
  3. Gundamn Wing, no that is not a typo: Heero/Quatre
  4. Gundamn Wing: Treize/Zechs
  5. FF7: Cloud/Sephiroth. Fuck all of you bitches with your elitism and snobbery and canon plausibility.
  6. Hikago: Hikaru/Touya. DUH.
  7. Star Trek, The Next Generation: This is embarrassing to admit, but -- Troi/Riker. Come on.
  8. Star Trek, Voyager: Harry Kim/B'Elanna Torres.
  9. Star Trek, Enterprise: Archer/Tucker
  10. Star Trek, Enterprise: Archer/T'Pol
  11. X-men, anygoddamnversefuckyouall I am a sap of monumental proportions: Jean/Scott
  12. X-men, 1602: Warren/Scott
  13. X-men anyuniverse, really, but definitely 1602 and New: Scott/Xavier
  14. X-men, Age of Apocalypse: Scott/Alex.
  15. X-men animated series: Rogue/Gambit. I cut my teeth on this as a baby.
  16. DCverse: Bruce/Dick. There is just no doubt about this. I'm convinced that even if Bruce was too ornery to actually ever throw it to him, Dick would jerk off about it regularly and at the top of his teenage lungs at the Wayne Mansion.
  17. DCverse: Bruce/Cassandra Cain This is like the even scarier sequel to the first. It's like how Children of the Corn 2 was much scarier than Children of the Corn? THE CHILDREN ARE EVEN MORE FRIGHTENING NOW.
  18. DCverse: Bruce/Clark
  19. Star Wars: Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, holy God. OT8.
  20. Star Wars: Anakin/Obi-Wan, surprisingly enough. Ewan McGregor singlehandedly sold me on the depth of Obi-Wan's devotion to his stupid apprentice in RotS. He loved that boy, he loved that boy, he loved that damn boy, and Anakin just has it in the worst way for Obi-Wan. Nevertheless, when I try to think of actual Anakin/Obi-Wan and not Anakin slinking around in a torrent of manic-ragic infatuation, my head just bends and starts doing that Warp 10 stuttering approach from Star Trek.
  21. Star Wars: Qui-Gon/Dooku. Start laughing at me, and I'll cry. I swear to God, I'll cry.
  22. Firefly: Simon/River
  23. SportsNight: Casey/Dan
  24. SportsNight: Natalie/Jeremy
  25. Narnia: Peter/Susan
  26. Narnia: Fenrir/Edmund
  27. Narnia: Peter/Edmund
  28. Karekano: Asaba/Arima yes goddammit you know it happened.
  29. Boondock Saints: Murphy/Connor.
  30. Boondock Saints: Mama McManus/Daddy McManus.
  31. Igby Goes Down: Ollie/Igby
  32. Igby Goes Down: Ollie/Sookie
  33. Igby Goes Down: Igby/Sookie

    ... and probably 3000000000 fandoms I'm forgetting. I have been in entirely too many in the course of my life. *_*

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