Aug. 21st, 2005

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A pimp and rec for the RPG that's eating my brain these days, and I will swear to you that I don't mod it, that it's even flamewar free and not related to [ profile] imperius. In fact it's not even HP related:


If you liked The Island with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson, give it a look. The RPG is an exploration of what the movie might have been: what if the movie hadn't decided to resolve the clone situation by having some kind of ridiculous SHUT DOWN THE HOLOGRAPHIC GENERATORS action plotline? What are the alternate routes to freedom? And what if the clones had to face up to the fact that their freedom was going to doom morally innocent people?

In other words, the RPG is all about what would have happened if the writers of the movie hadn't totally wussed out of all the moral dilemmas of the story and followed up on all those tantalizing leads. What about Jordan's fixation on children? What about the little baby boy she sees when she calls her sponsor? What, exactly, does the cloning legislation of 2015 provide?

I nearly got into a traffic accident yesterday while thinking about the potential for this thing, and yes, for those of you who suspected, yes, I'm playing this lady. Tell me, what gave it away? The fact that you never see her whole face in any of the icons, or the fact there are SECTION BREAKS in her profile?


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